Curating Resources

As a librarian, part of my job is curating digital resources for my students and teachers. However, the necessity of this curation did not feel more imperative as it does in the current COVID-19 situation. Schools are closed for weeks at a time, if not the remainder of the year, and families and students are faced with an absolute deluge of information and activities. Dr. Tim Clark talks about how digital curation helps our patrons access quality resources in his article Curation for Digital Learning. Even though this digital curation may seem overwhelming even to librarians, it’s important to note that we have been curating since the beginning of our profession. Not only is it a skill we already have, we just need to learn to apply it to digital resources, but Nikki Robertson argues in her ALA article that it is also a skill that our students need. Just as we use them to curate resources for our patrons and ourselves, our students can learn how to curate their own resources as they go through their life both in school and career.

I’ve been working on curating resources for my patrons this week since we have been shut down due to COVID-19. I created a wakelet to help offer my kindergarten teachers some digital resources that they can use with their students in the coming days that we’re shut down. I find the site easy to use and add resources. It also collects them in an easy to view layout which is beneficial to users that feel uneasy with technology and digital resources. It’s a site that will be easy for both teachers and students to use.


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